So, you found your ideal nanny, now how do you ensure that your nanny chooses you too? With the nanny hiring climate more competitive than ever, it’s not just about finding the nanny that best fits your family, but also the nanny that chooses you and your family.  

For all you House Hunters fans out there, think of finding and hiring a nanny similar to finding your ideal house.  Start by creating your ideal wish-list and ranking those qualities and characteristics.  Keep in mind, similar to House Hunters, there’s always going to be a little compromise.  Once you have found that nanny that checks the boxes, now let’s make sure the choose you back….it’s like dating all over again!

Just as you created wish lists items, nannies will be looking for specific qualities and differentiating factors amongst the families they are interviewing with.  What are some of these factors, you may ask? 

  • Schedule & Required tasks
    • When a nanny is looking for a job, their desired hours can vary for many reasons.  Full time hours are preferred, however there are many nannies looking for part time hours to compliment another part time schedule or schooling.  Also, keep in mind the amount and type of tasks you are asking of your nanny.  One note to keep in mind is the number of tasks compared to the amount of additional time the nanny has free.  Generally, light housework is expected.
  • Flexibility & Parenting Style
    • You may have certain expectations when it comes to how you want a nanny to maintain a schedule, what activities you want to see incorporated, etc throughout the day.  When interviewing with nannies, keep in mind that flexibility is key.  If a nanny checks most of your expectations and similarities in techniques, remember there is always room for growth and improvement!
  • Discipline Style
    • In raising your children, discipline style and methods vary from family to family.  It is important not only on the parent side, but the nannies as well to find a comparable match.  If a nanny’s discipline style veers slightly from yours, but remains in line with your parenting beliefs, you might want to consider a little leeway for a new approach! You never know if that approach may be just as effective as your current method!  

Overall, in this competitive market, it is about setting yourself apart from other families who may have similar locations, number of children etc.  While there are many things that you cannot change about the position, always keep in mind the factors that you can to help gain the competitive advantage.  Lastly, if the search process and setting yourself apart seems overwhelming and daunting, don’t do it alone! Agencies, like Oliver’s Nannies, are here to help you and your family find your ideal match, like the House Hunters of nanny searching!