During their early years, children go through many critical periods for social, emotional and cognitive development. The right nanny will be able to properly support them through these milestones, creating a happy, comfortable environment that encourages learning and exploration.

Why is Finding the Right Nanny Important?
Children should feel able to explore their emotions, environment, hobbies and interests. This space for curiosity and learning is best provided by child care experts that truly understand their family dynamic. There are many successful child care approaches, and it’s important for a nanny to share the same practices as a family for the best experience.

Properly matched nanny care will help a child feel settled, secure and inquisitive, in turn allowing them to thrive, learn, nurture talents, and develop their unique personality. In addition, parents can be granted peace of mind that their child’s nanny care is consistent with their own family values and child care style.

How we Match Families With the Best Nanny Care Approach
Step 1: Conduct a Multi-Step Interview With the Family
Every family has a unique style of parenting that works for them. We believe that finding a nanny who naturally matches this parenting style is key to successful child care. We conduct an in-depth initial interview with each family to learn all about how they approach the day.

During this interview, we will typically discuss things like:

  • Schedules and usual routines.
  • Activities
  • Nutrition
  • Discipline styles
  • Likes and dislikes
  • How to best engage them in social, recreational and academic activities that unlock their true potential.

Parents and caregivers are the experts on their children and family dynamic, so we allow them to help steer and hone our approaches to suit their child’s needs.

Step 2: Identify the Right Type of Nanny: The Nurturer, Engager or Leader
All our nannies are carefully classified as either Nurturers, Engagers, or Leaders, depending on their style of child care. Each approach is most successful in a home that uses a similar parenting style. Once a child’s needs have been identified through the family’s in-depth interview process, their ideal type of nanny will become clear. The right nanny will complement a child’s personality, offering the type of support they respond to best (nurturing, engaging or leading).

Step 3: Assign a Nanny
A family’s child or children will be assigned a Nurturer, Engager, or Leader nanny that naturally gravitates towards the right child care style for them. All our local nannies are employed by us, which allows us to make sure each nanny is properly vetted. This vetting process involves their own multi-step interview, thorough background and reference checks, physicals, and ongoing reviews and check-ins throughout their employment.

Step 4: Deliver Flexible, Tailored Nanny Care
Once a nanny has been assigned to a family, a set schedule will be devised to complement usual routines for seamless continuity in child care. These schedules can be tailored to suit children of all ages, from newborns right through to teenagers. For example, for older children, a child care plan might include things like driving them to sports and activities.

This flexible nanny care ties in with Oliver’s Nannies’ signature FlexCare service. FlexCare allows families to access their usual personalized nanny care at the drop of a dime if an emergency or unexpected event comes up. We’re here for our families by phone 24/7 – because life sometimes throws a curveball!

To get matched with on demand or scheduled nanny care that suits your child’s needs and personality, get in touch today and arrange your multi-step interview.

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