The right nanny will offer stability, companionship and unconditional acceptance, bringing out a child’s innate playfulness and inquisitive nature. Our founder experienced these special values with her four-legged companion, Oliver, making him the perfect mascot for Oliver’s Nannies.

3 of Oliver’s Qualities That Embody our Core Values

1.    Companionship and Acceptance

Children naturally seek companionship, and for good reason; it helps them feel safe, secure and seen. Every child deserves unconditional support and acceptance from the adults in their life. After all, it’s this encouragement that gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams and grow into the wonderful, unique people they truly are!

This is why Oliver’s Nannies’ families go through an extensive multi-step interview before being matched with a nanny. We believe the right nanny will naturally emulate a family’s own parenting style, offering unconditional love, acceptance and companionship in a way the child is accustomed to.

2.    Fun-loving Playfulness

Engaging in play delivers a wealth of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits to children of all ages.1 Some specific benefits of play include developing fine and gross motor skills,1 improving language skills, and achieving higher levels of self-confidence, creativity, and happiness.2

Our nannies often spend significant time with the children they provide care for, whether this be through a regular schedule when parents are working, or picking up shifts for spontaneous school runs, trips, errands, or date nights.  This is why we’re careful to match families with a nanny who can truly connect with their child, naturally engaging them in play to ensure they never miss out on these vital benefits.

3.    Security, Safety and Protection

No matter what was going on in our lives, Oliver was always there for a safe and warm hug at the end of a long day. Every child deserves to feel that same reliable sense of comfort from those who care for them. Leaving your child with new nanny care for the first time can be nerve-wracking, so finding someone you trust to support them just like you do is vital.

Parents or guardians offer valuable protection for children, and nanny care should do the same. Our nannies each have a minimum of two years of experience working with children, and undergo both national and state level background checks before they’re hired (and every 12 months afterwards). To protect your children from illness, each nanny must also have a physical, tuberculin test and immunizations annually.

How Oliver Inspires us as Employers

It’s not only the families entrusting us with their child’s care that benefit from these values. We’re proud of our carefully selected team of exceptional administration staff and nanny care professionals. As a token of our gratitude, we offer them the same level of security, protection, and support as we do our families.

Everyone on our team is employed by us. This means our nannies, sitters and office staff enjoy peace of mind with great job security, paid time off, retirement planning and medical coverage as standard. And just as we aim to nurture the children under our care, we strive to uplift our nannies, helping their careers thrive with unwavering support and encouragement.

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Why Choose Oliver’s Nannies?

Throughout childhood and adolescence, children go through a range of critical developmental periods. Having access to environments in which they feel safe, understood and encouraged nurtures their abilities to learn and build self-esteem.

By prioritizing these values when hand-selecting nanny care experts and carefully matching them with local families, we hope our clients can feel Oliver’s loyalty, unwavering support and love walking alongside them.

And just like Oliver, FlexCare means we’re here for families unconditionally – all day, every day.

To discover how nanny care from thoroughly vetted local nannies can nurture these all-important feelings of support, protection, acceptance and fun for your child or children, get in touch today.

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