If your child’s sleep has become more erratic during the coronavirus crisis, know that you’re not alone. In fact, Italian pediatricians reported widespread sleep disturbances among their young patients as the pandemic hit its peak there.

Between our new home-bound lives and the stress of a global pandemic, many factors can compromise our kids’ sleep routines.

When babies and children spend most days indoors, they hunger for fresh air, sunshine, and the soothing green color of nature. Being inside may keep them from burning off their energy during the day, leaving them wide-eyed at night.

Kids are also spending much more time in front of screens. Between distance learning and screens coming to the rescue as effective childcare, young kids are clocking in a lot more time on their iPads and TVs. This boost in screen-time is totally understandable, but it too can interfere with sleep, particularly when kids are planted in front of “Moana” or “Sesame Street” within an hour of bedtime.

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