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10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Breastfeeding

Posted on 01/27/2019 in the Article category.

My Facebook memories are full of status updates and pictures from five years ago, right before I was about to give birth to our first child. It’s funny looking back on the memories and reading my thoughts. I was counting down the weeks with no idea that she wouldn’t come on or before her due […]

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Working Mom The Working Mom: A Balancing Act

Posted on 01/23/2019 in the Article category.

I’m only one year into this balancing act, but it’s no joke.  At the time I became pregnant with my daughter, I was working as a divorce lawyer for a mid-size law firm in Essex County.  My day-to-day job is demanding, without the complications of morning sickness, fatigue, and swollen feet.  I spend a lot […]

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Benefits of Family Game Night

Posted on 01/19/2019 in the Article category.

Battleship, scrabble and monopoly were the board games in my closet as a child. They were so much fun to play; however, as parents, we take a closer look at these games to see how they build skills such as critical thinking, deductive reasoning, a strong vocabulary and an understanding of finance. It is not […]

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Separation Anxiety The Struggle Is Real

Posted on 01/15/2019 in the Article category.

Before I had Jackson I thought that separation anxiety was a myth, that it was something that parents who had trouble parting with their kids made up. I thought a lot of things before I had kids and most of them turned out to be false. Though with Jackson separation anxiety was rarely a problem. […]

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Top 5 Newborn Must-Haves

Posted on 01/10/2019 in the Article category.

The baby product market gets bigger – and more overwhelming for new parents – every day. There’s so much to think about when deciding what to buy for a new baby: purpose, safety, longevity, spatial constraints, aesthetic, and the list goes on. With new products launching almost daily, we decided it was time to compile […]

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