Child Care Philosophy

The child care philosophy of Oliver’s Nannies is centered around developing a unique plan of care to ensure we are meeting the individualized needs of each child and the beliefs of each family. We believe the key to success is developing a mutual understanding of how to support growth and development goals, as well as carry out daily care in a manner that is synergistic with the child rearing approach of the family. Each household will receive a plan of care focusing on the following areas of need.

Physical, Social & Academic Engagement

At the beginning of care and ongoing, we will strive to capture the best ways to engage with each child. Our approach is designed to focus on fun filled activities that are also physically, socially and academically beneficial. Oliver’s Nannies works develop relationships with the children to foster an environment where one can open up and truly reach potential in all areas. We will follow the lead of the family and child to set and achieve goals while having a wonderful time together. We offer a no pressure approach that is entirely steered by the family’s needs.

Safety & Security

Oliver’s Nannies take the role of providing safety and security in each home very seriously. We have several policies in place to ensure your child and home are safe at all times. There will be a security component to each plan of care to capture steps specific to safeguard your family. Such steps capture a full spectrum of information from sleep safety, medications and allergies and allowed visitors. In addition, each nanny has been fully vetted through a multi-step interview process, reference checks, background checks, physicals and ongoing check ins. An office staff member also conducts visits on a frequency determined with the family to give you the peace of mind that you have a full team invested in your child’s care.


We appreciate your patronage and hold each of our team members to high standard in developing respectful relationships with our entire Oliver’s Nannies’ community. We value punctuality, appropriate communication and have a dress code that we tailor to each family.

Organization & Communication

Oliver’s Nannies believes that providing excellent care begins with open communication and strong organizational skills. We will work with each nanny and family to develop a plan that outlines how to meet all of the expectations and how to provide each family member with information on the day. We know all parents and key family members want varying levels of information in a variety of different ways. We will work with you to define what exactly you want to know, when and the best way to communicate. In addition, there will be schedule component to each plan of care to assist with organization and outlining what a day will look like.

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Oliver's Nannies is a local nanny business that prides itself in employing a reliable team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We aim to have all families feel like Oliver is walking with them each day providing security, guidance, and an overall sense that a solution is always available to meet your needs.

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