What an exciting time of life! The hustle and bustle of young families can be an exhilarating and somewhat overwhelming period. It is common to need help and, once you do, you have to find the right solution to provide the support your household needs.

Finding that solution in and of itself can feel like a full time job! Calling day care centers, considering in home babysitters and getting recommendations from friends and family can be a lot to process. The question is, what is important to you? To your family? To your home?

A child care solution is not one size fits all. Every home is different. What are the values? Schedules? Are there pets? How should discipline be handled? All of this should be considered in finding the right fit.

Choosing to go with an in home nanny allows for a lot of customization to exactly what you need, how you need it and during the best schedule for your family. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Insured & Bonded – Does the agency you are working with employ each nanny? If so, there should be insurance to cover both the nanny, your home and your family during the care being provided. You will want to ask if there is worker’s compensation insurance, as well as general liability. This keeps your home safe.
  2. Background Checks – In addition, are background and driving record checks run? Reference checks? The nanny agency should be able to speak to the background checks performed as well as the results of speaking with professional references for each candidate.
  3. Visits and Management – Who oversees the care and how often does is there a visit to your home to check in? Is someone from the agency office present on the first day of care to ensure the nanny is well acclimated to your family? How often are visits performed thereafter to oversee that all of your family needs are being met?
  4. Team Approach – Going with an agency allows you to have a team. You are not relying on one person and should have flexibility for any need that arises. Changes in schedules should allow for back up nannies to step in, changing daily needs may lead to a different nanny being a good fit. Or bottom line, if you need someone to talk to the agency should always be there to listen.

Child care is a big decisions and you want to make sure all of your bases are covered. Ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the team you have chosen to rely on. The right solution is unique to your home and should be one that helps you enjoy these moments and years, as they are so special.