School’s out! Packed with activities, family-oriented fun and relaxation, summer vacation is a wonderful time of year. But balancing childcare with other commitments can sometimes be tough. This might be particularly true if you have a demanding job, or multiple children who enjoy a range of activities. And in any case, unexpected sickness, canceled plans, or childcare letdowns are problems most parents have experienced.

With Oliver’s Nannies’ FlexCare program, you’ll never be left struggling through summer break again. Instead, you’ll be free to enjoy this time with the added peace of mind that if you need us, we’ll have a vetted, insured, and carefully matched nanny there in a flash.

What is FlexCare?

Things don’t always go to the family plan 100% of the time. We provide high quality, reliable and flexible nanny care that supports parents and uplifts children, even during the unexpected moments. With our unique FlexCare program, a simple phone call is all it takes for a nanny matched to your family to be on your doorstep. Everything about FlexCare is tailored – including payment options. You can choose to lock in a set number of hours each month for a lower rate, or work on a zero commitment, ‘pay as you go’ basis.

How can a Flexible Nanny Agency Help During Summer Vacation?

Summer is the ideal time to get started with FlexCare. After all, with your child out of school there’s more chance you’ll find yourself needing last-minute childcare. And if you have more than one child, it might be challenging to juggle vacations, summer camps and social events. Summer break should be an enjoyable experience for the whole family. With flexible nanny care, you can enjoy those precious moments with peace of mind that should the unexpected happen, you’ll never be stuck.

5 Summer Break Dilemmas FlexCare Could Solve

  1. Balancing Work and Childcare

Managing work commitments can be particularly difficult when your children aren’t in school. If you work from home, a matched FlexCare nanny can engage them in fun and enriching summer activities while you work, allowing you to stay productive. 

Flexible nanny care can also be valuable if you need to go into the office unexpectedly for a meeting, or if you have a big project to finish up that requires your full attention. Alternatively, if you work in the office, you might need regular childcare hours locked in. Whatever your unique situation, we have a flexible nanny care solution to suit your needs.

  1. Managing Commitments for Multiple Children

If your children are at different ages or have varied interests, balancing all their engagements during summer can be tough. If you need someone to drive one of your children to sports practice, summer camp, or a playdate (or to watch your other children while you do this), flexible nanny care can help. 

  1. When Arranged Childcare Doesn’t Work out

We’ve all been there – you’re ready to take one of your children to camp, but your babysitter gets sick and can’t take care of the others, or a playdate gets cancelled when you’ve already made your own plans. With FlexCare, there’s no need to panic or change your schedule. Simply give us a call and a nanny will be there at the drop of a dime!

  1. Impromptu Social Plans

The sun is shining, and sometimes all you need is a last-minute summer date night, weekend away, or social get-together. But during summer vacation, this can be difficult to arrange – especially at short notice. By signing up to FlexCare, you’re opening the door to more spontaneous days and nights out with your partner or friends.

  1. Unexpected Sickness

Getting sick when your children are at home for the summer can be a real pain. But with our flexible nanny care, a trusted childcare expert can be swiftly round to your house to take over. They will engage your children in fun summer activities tailored to their interests while you recover.

Who are Oliver’s Nannies?

We’re a nanny agency serving families in the Milburn, NJ area, and our nannies are trusted local childcare experts. We understand that leaving your children with a new sitter can be nerve-wracking, but each of our nannies are thoroughly vetted before joining our team. For example, they all have at least two years of professional childcare experience, undergo national and state level background checks, and must pass a competency test. Ongoing coaching, training, and evaluations are also provided as standard.

Give us a call (973) 671-1277 if you have any questions on our nanny agency or flexible nanny care options. Alternatively, arrange an in-person meeting to get matched with nannies who can meet your family’s needs this summer!

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