In Home Child care through COVID-19. Whether you are an essential worker, upper level executive, a teacher, or any working parent, the struggle of continuing to provide child care while meeting your work demands is undoubtedly a balancing act.   Many families are caught between the need for help to meet their demanding work requirements and their commitment to help flatten the curve and practice social distancing. During these challenging and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to strive to ensure the health and safety of the family and nannies while using an abundance of caution and following a variety of safety practices. Here are some safety precautions to consider while continuing to receive care through COVID-19.

• It is important to ensure the nanny takes the same level of precaution at home as each family to ensure risk is kept to a minimum.
• It is a best practice to have a conversation around safety measures the nanny exercises while not at work to be aware of overall exposure.

Starting the Day:
• It is recommended for the nanny to keep clothing and shoes at the home of the family.  Upon entry, the nanny changes into such clothes before greeting or providing any care.
• Store any items from the nanny such as the clothes from commuting, a purse, lunch bag, coat in a separate location inside of a bag.

During Care:
• Frequent hand washing throughout the shift of everyone at home.
• Sanitizing/wiping down frequently touched surfaces such as counters, door knobs, light switches and the mailbox as a daily task of the nanny.
• Wearing a mask as appropriate and/or being sure to cover up coughs and sneezes, as well as washing hands afterwards.
• Practicing social distancing to the extent possible.
• Immediately note any symptoms present, including those the nanny comes into contact with at home.

At the end of the day, it is about feeling secure and being able to manage the new normal.  If you need to talk through your options, we recommend speaking with an agency to ensure all aspects of care are managed.  There is always a solution and a way to find support in excelling at work, parenthood and, maybe, just maybe getting some time to yourself.