15 Tips for Flying with Toddlers and Young Kids

Posted on 08/16/2021 in the Article category.

With cramped airplane seating and busy waiting areas, flying isn’t the most pleasant experience—and all of the frustration increases exponentially when you add a rowdy toddler into the mix. Little children simply don’t have the patience for airport security. They despise sitting quietly for hours on end, and they get scared of the ear-popping changes […]

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August Newsletter

Posted on 08/10/2021 in the Blog Post category.

April Russo, of Sleep Sister, is a NICU nurse who is a local Sleep Consultant as well! We were able to spend some time with April and learn more about sleep training and her services and we could not wait to share with you! Let’s get started by learning a little more about you! Can […]

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5 Not-So-Common Baby Proofing Tips You Should Know

Posted on 08/09/2021 in the Article category.

There are some things that are known to be absolutely essential when it comes to childproofing a home. The installation of items such as safety latches, electrical outlet covers and toilet seat locks are among those things that most of us know are critical to providing a safe home environment for baby. But there are […]

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Posted on 08/02/2021 in the Article category.

Shyness is often misunderstood because it is not one emotion, but a mixture of fear, tension, apprehension and/or embarrassment. Shy children seem to lack confidence and are self-conscious especially in new surroundings or when they are the center of attention. Changes in the environment and school pressures are also factors that affect a child’s demeanor. […]

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Separation Anxiety

Posted on 07/25/2021 in the Article category.

Tearful, tantrum-filled goodbyes are common during a child’s earliest years. Around the first birthday, many kids develop separation anxiety, getting upset when a parent tries to leave them with someone else. Though separation anxiety is a perfectly normal part of childhood development, it can be unsettling. Understanding what your child is going through and having […]

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