Part 1: Creating & Implementing Activities 

Let’s dive into some of the finer points of a successful day in childcare, starting with developing activities for the kids! 

It is important to remember, your project or activity does not need to be perfect.  It is more important that the child is experiencing the overall process of the project or activity.  Where might you even start in creating an activity? Look to what the children are interested in right now, whether that be trucks, animals, the seasons, you name it –create an activity based on that interest! Stuck on creative ideas?  The Oliver’s Nannies website and Facebook page are a great one stop shop for ideas, activities and helpful resources to spark creativity! 

Once you have your idea in mind, next look to include a range of materials, activities, games, etc for the children.  Exposure is key here!  One simple material can be extended into a variety of areas of learning, take a look at some examples:

  • Sticks, leaves, flowers, etc.
    • Incorporate your outside play time and go on a scavenger hunt for materials, once you are back inside, its time to transition into an art activity;
    • Use the sticks as paint brushes, or use the leaves and flowers as stencils or make your artwork 3D – the possibilities are endless!
    • Working with young infants? Fill a plastic bag with paper, paint and the flowers, then zip it closed.  Make sure it is tightly sealed and let the babies feel the materials and paint through the bag – this is great exposure to different textures, feels and colors – and remains mess free for you!
  • Plastic animals, cars, dolls
    • Get creative with imaginative play, act out stories or different scenes that the children may come up with
      • Working with animals? This is a great way to incorporate language learning by making animal noises, etc
    • Bring this into an art activity by creating tracks with paint
      • Roll the car wheels in the paint and drive over paper or create dinosaur tracks, you name it 
    • Time for clean up – make it another activity – give the animals or dolls a bath or make the car go through a car wash!

Even with the most basic of toys or art supplies, the possibilities are endless.  Always remember, at the end of the day, engagement is about having FUN!